About Us Dimitris Hasapis family mission & company activities

The sole proprietary Beekeeping family business of Dimitris Hasapis, HoneyHasapis (Trademark) was established at the beginning of 2011 in Moudros city, fulfilling an ambition of his life, the creation of a pure product free of chemical substances, under the best production methods; the monofloral Lemnian wild thyme 'Themari' (generic term in Greek) honey.

From the start of its operation, HoneyHasapis, successfully completed all honey-related tests, including the strict production, control and consumer criteria of the end product, creating a different and unique of outstanding quality, wild thymus honey product, made in Greece.

The business achieved its goals by reaching a wide audience, for its outstanding supreme quality monofloral Raw Greek wild thyme honey, followed by a polyfloral (aromatic/ flavored) Raw Greek wild thyme honey with wildflowers beehive product.


HoneyHasapis, supreme quality products, immediately joined the hall of fame by winning prestigious international awards & possitioned in the Top 20 Best Greek Products rank. Furthermore, he is appearing on TV & Radio shows (see below). HoneyHasapis awards include:

A.  Supreme quality raw wild thyme honey from Limnos island (monofloral category)

2017 45th APIMONDIA 2017 (International Apicultural Congress) - 1 Silver prize
2017 GTA UK - 3 Stars Gold2016 BIOLMIEL Italy - 1 Silver prize
2016 OLYMP awards - 1 Gold prize & TOP 20 Best Greek Products
2016 GTA UK - 2 Stars Gold
2015 Greate Taste Awards (GTA) UK - 1 Star Gold

B.  Supreme quality raw wild thyme honey with wildflowers from Limnos island (polyfloral category)
2017 GTA UK - 1 Stars Gold
2016 BIOLMIEL Italy - 1 Silver prize
2016 OLYMP awards - 1 Silver prize
2016 GTA UK - 1 Star Gold
2015 Great Taste Awards (GTA) UK - 3 Stars Gold


The above products are sealed with safety tape. Glass jars are distributed in luxurious sealed packaging by HoneyHasapis in (A) Monofloral = containing raw wild thyme honey and (B) Polyfloral (aromatic) = containing  raw wild thyme with wildflowers honey categories. Each jar contains 270gr / 9,52oz. HoneyHasapis, exclusively sells and controls product distribution, ensuring all high-standard control levels and exceptional quality for all its customers.

The exceptional qualityLemnian, wild, sp. Τhymus capitatus honey, (monofloral & polyfloral) is packaged in our premisses on Lemnos island, Greece. We are certified by HACCP monitoring & control system (food safety) and we are licensed by the (MINAGRIC) Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food body. Our Lab code is 83SM04. We begin product distribution in late July, until they get sold out.

Our products are distributed internationally, capable of getting approval by each country's Food Safety standards organisation. We accept applications for international distributros interested in our supreme quality HoneyHasapis beehive products !
Furthermore, HoneyHasapis participates in the annual honey festival organized by the Cultural Activities Union of Moudros. Dimitris is inviting consumers to taste his honey product samples before they place an order including any of his local kiosks/ points of sales (enquire for kiosk locations information via our contact form).

In 2016, Dimitris, decided to focus on honey production only and stoppedselling fresh bee pollen, cosmetic wax and propolis products !.

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